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LibreOffice-Box offers a compilation of LibreOffice community activities on DVD.

This DVD fits for private and professional users.

LibreOffice Suite and the contents of the DVD are licensed to allow unlimited use, copies and installations.

LibreOffice-Box DVD contains installation packages for Windows, DEB and RPM-based GNU/Linux-distributions and for Mac OSX x86/PPC as well as language- and help-packs. Futhermore you'll find extensions, templates, dictionaries, documentations, and developer tools, all depending on the different assemblies from our native language teams who have created the corresponding DVD images offered. 

LibreOffice Sourcecode and SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers may also be on the discs, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Using this material you can 'build' your personal LibreOffice.

The first prototype of the LibreOffice-Box was presented to the public in late 2010 and is undergoing continous development and improvement by our teams. Releases of LibreOffice are followed by new releases of the "Box", an ISO-file for download (Bittorrent and FTP/HTTP) to be burned on DVD by yourself and in some languages also shipped as a ready made DVD. We are also planning CD-ROMs for a single operating system each.

LibreOffice-Box is free to download from the projects, free to copy, and free to distribute. Links and pointers to the different licenses are mentioned at the end of this page.

Contents of the LibreOffice-Box will be continously updated and supplemented as mentioned in the changelogs. Your suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. Welcome also to all testers and potential co-workers who want to join our teams, please contact us here.